Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New 853 1080 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Mixing styles and having eclectic tastes can evoke a tasteful blend of styles or veer into clashing disharmony. Knowing how to combine some favorite antique pieces into your modern decor…

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Glassware 101

Glassware 101 2560 1707 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Most antique malls have heaps of glass. It can range from a few pieces in a display case to enough shelves of glassware to daintily serve a small army. If…

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Avoiding Antiquing Fatigue

Avoiding Antiquing Fatigue 700 467 Gaslight Square Shoppes

You know the scene. Shelves stacked with antique trinkets, dishware, books, anything you can imagine. Sometimes you’re in danger of tripping over an old painting or gas burner — but…

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3 Reasons to Visit an Antique Mall

3 Reasons to Visit an Antique Mall 2160 1442 Gaslight Square Shoppes

There are lots of fun reasons to hit up the local antique store.  Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate your new home or office in retro-chic. Or you’ve sworn off technology…

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Antiquing 101 – let’s review the basics

Antiquing 101 – let’s review the basics 1765 1765 Gaslight Square Shoppes

For our first Tuesday Tips of the Trade post we are going to get basic. Before antiquing became a verb, savvy antiquers had their own strategies on how to find…

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