3 Reasons to Visit an Antique Mall

3 Reasons to Visit an Antique Mall 2160 1442 Gaslight Square Shoppes

There are lots of fun reasons to hit up the local antique store.  Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate your new home or office in retro-chic. Or you’ve sworn off technology for a bit and are in the mood for a classic manual typewriter. Sure, you could easily go to a retail store or order a new product online that has been designed in retro fashion.  However, people that go antiquing know the original products from which today’s companies get their trendy retro flare are usually better than the new knockoffs. Read on to learn three reasons why you should visit an antique mall.

Often older and better quality

It’s no secret that older designs of products from different brands tend to be better.  Think of those sturdy Corningware baking dishes. The ones decked with the familiar cornflower blue floral design that were popular through the late 1970s?  You could drop those eight times and they wouldn’t even crack. The same goes for furniture, quilts and many other items tend to be stronger, longer lasting and sturdier.

Artsy and cool

Quality standards lowered in the manufacturing in many types of everyday products and historical objects for your home can also be considered artsy and cool.  If you find an early issue of the original Campbell’s Kids Tomato Soup mug, made from Depression-era glassware, you can use these colorful objects to develop a chic mix of your own style in your home.  

Lower price

Many overlook and under-price antique goodies.  You’ll want to take a close look at what’s available at an antique mall and make notes of good categories.  Gather items for your home that make a statement about your own likes and history.  Since a lot of these objects come at a lower price than decorative items that you would buy at retail price in a store today, many times you can save a bundle!

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