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Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New 853 1080 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Mixing styles and having eclectic tastes can evoke a tasteful blend of styles or veer into clashing disharmony. Knowing how to combine some favorite antique pieces into your modern decor can help you make it work together.

Be a Furniture Matchmaker

One way to make antique pieces blend in with a modern style is to look at what they have in common.

  • Color – Pieces in the same color or appealingly contrasting colors will work well together.
  • Finish and Material – How will the materials look together? Can you refinish one of the pieces to blend in better?
  • Hardware – Can you replace hardware on one or both pieces to give them a similar feel? Or can you add modern hardware to an antique or add antique hardware to a modern piece to help them work together more smoothly?

The Right Space

Look carefully at the space in a room. Combining pieces in mismatched styles can make a room feel more cluttered and busy if they don’t work together well. A large room might easily accommodate an antique sideboard while a smaller room might only be able to work with a Victorian plant stand.

A Perfect Ratio

Many designers use an 80/20 rule to make harmonious spaces out of mismatched styles. The idea is that if 80% of a space has a consistent style, the other 20% can incorporate a different style and still look right. Try using antiques as either statement pieces or accent such as mirrors, clocks, artwork, and lighting.

Furniture BFFs

Try to find modern and antique pieces that can be perfect partners. For example:

  • Add clean, modern chairs to an antique oak dining table
  • Pair attractive Hitchcock chairs with a metal and glass dining room table
  • Place modern lamps on antique sewing machine tables
  • Combine an elegant oak mantel with your modern fireplace

What Do You Love?

Look at the furniture and decor in your home. What pieces do you love? Are there antique pieces you also love, whether in your home or not? There’s a good chance that by decorating with only the pieces that really speak to you, you’ll end up with a harmonious space because it’s all your style.

Don’t be afraid to bring your love of antiques into your home. Whether you add some statement furniture or special accents around your space, you can make it work!