New Year’s Eve Traditions & Superstitions

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2020 is almost coming to an end, and the holiday season is quickly approaching. This year has certainly been interesting (and quite frankly stressful and challenging to many), but the good news is that you can start shopping for new year’s decorations. Yay!

There’s just something about starting a new year that brings joy, hope, and excitement. It’s like you’ve been given an opportunity to start afresh…a new beginning of sorts. Maybe you’re planning on ending the last night of 2020 quietly at home; it could even be that you want to party the night away. Whatever the case, here are new year’s traditions and superstitions that will definitely make the night more interesting and help you usher 2021 in style!

New Year’s Traditions

1. Midnight Kiss for New Year’s

The new year’s kiss at the stroke of midnight has been around for generations, but few people know what it symbolizes. Kissing your loved one at midnight signifies that your love and affection will last all year long.

2. Underwear Tradition

Did you know that the color of the underwear you wear on new year’s eve can affect your luck for the upcoming year? Here are what different colors symbolize:

  • ┬áPink/red underwear: a year filled with passion and romance
  • Orange underwear: success in your professional life
  • Yellow underwear: prosperity and positive energy throughout the year
  • Blue underwear: health and harmony
  • Purple underwear: inspiration
  • Green underwear: better luck in the new year
  • White underwear; peace and joy

Some cultures believe underwear with polka dots will attract money in the new year.

3. Champagne Toast

You may only be aware of the normal champagne toast, but there are traditions where people put jewelry in their drink to attract wealth in the new years. Others hop with their champagne 3 times without spilling it and then pour it over their shoulders to signify letting go of the previous year and welcoming the new one.

4. Lucky Colors

This is almost similar to the underwater tradition, only that it applies to your decorations, candles, and outfit. The colors that signify good luck include:

  • Green: good health
  • Red: love
  • Yellow: helps with financial troubles.
  • Blue candles: peace
  • White: peace and good luck throughout the year

If you’re about to thrift for your new year’s decorations, then you better look out for these colors!

New Year’s Superstitions

Unlike the traditions, these are just beliefs that are carried by different countries around the world.

1. Diffusing Lucky Scents

If you’re planning on burning incense or diffusing essential oils, there are some scents that are believed to bring luck.

  • Sage: clear the air of negativity
  • Bergamot: attract money and success
  • Juniper berry: relaxation and cleaning harmful energies
  • Basil: protection
  • Lavender: for mental clarity

2. Painting Your Door Red

This is a Chinese superstition that is meant to attract happiness and good fortune into the new year. It is also believed that you should hide all sharp objects to prevent your family members from harming themselves and attracting bad luck throughout the year.

3. Circular Objects

Circular objects are used to celebrate the circle of life, and you can either decorate your home with such objects or wear clothes with polka dots or circular patterns on them.

Fun fact: The noise made after midnight was initially done to wade off evil spirits during the celebrations and was produced by banging pots and pans. This is where the fireworks tradition came from.

Are You Ready For 2021?

2020 has been a difficult year, hopefully 2021 will be the big break you’re hoping for. While there’s no solid proof that the above traditions and superstitions work, it wouldn’t really hurt to try some of them out!