New Year’s Decor Ideas for Your Space!

New Year’s Decor Ideas for Your Space! 1280 855 Gaslight Square Shoppes


A new year comes with the promise of good tidings and endless possibilities, and at the end of the day, it’s the love of family and friends that matters. But, sprucing up your space with New Year’s decor for the new year adds to the pomp and color.

Top Creative Indoor New Year Decor Ideas

Here are fun and inexpensive ideas to pull together a fab decor to usher in the new year in style.

Confetti Balloon

Confetti balloons will make your space fun and flirtatious. Balloons come in different colors, and you can add confetti inside them to pop when the clock ushers in a new year. The magical colors that will appear in your living room will celebrate with you. Also, adding confetti inside transparent balloons makes your space colorful.


Whenever you spot garlands, you feel the festive cheer instantly. Garlands can either be flowers and twigs intertwined together with red plastic berries – mostly DIY. But it can also be store-bought. The store’s ones are usually gold sequin, ready-made decor that dresses up your wall without giving you the pressure of going through the decoration process. You only need to buy and hang them on your wall!

Black and Gold Backdrop

Black and gold is a sophisticated combination but not a favorite for everyone. The good thing about backdrops, they can be customized to different color combinations like white and purple or any other elegant color of your choice. The backdrop can last long into the new year, or better still kept safe to be used for all other kinds of celebrations like birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, etc.

Happy New Year Banner

It can’t possibly be a new year without a new year banner on the wall. Buy supplies from the store and customize your own banner, painting it however you want. You will need the wooden happy new year kit, paint, glitter, glue, and a string to hang the banner. Paint the wooden letters first, leave them to dry, apply glue, add a generous amount of glitter, and voila! Once dry, insert the string and hang on your wall.

Drink Umbrellas

When it comes to decor, creativity is the key point. You can transform those little and colorful drink umbrellas into beautiful wreaths to hang at a strategic point in your home, preferably the living room. They are less costly and easy to make. Make them more dazzling by spraying some glitter on them. After all, what’s a new year without some glitter charm?

LED Essential Oil Diffuser

A nice smelling home is everyone’s desire, and this should not be limited to a one-day affair. You can make your home smell nice all year round. For the new year, use an LED oil diffuser for its funky look due to its LED lights. It will add color to your space even as it leaves your home smelling magical.

Modern Candlesticks

Are you in for some candlelit dinner as you wait to usher in the new year? And even after dinner, you can let your candles burn away in splendid surrender as they glow up, sitting majestically on mixed metal candlestick holders. It is not every day that you use candles to light up your space; therefore, these candleholders act as decor too!

How are you ringing in the new year? We bet most people usher in the new year in their homes, and the above decor ideas should help bring out the cheer and laughter of having friends and family around for the festivities.