Don’t Lose Your Marbles Over Antique Marble Top Tables

Don’t Lose Your Marbles Over Antique Marble Top Tables 1253 836 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Antique marble top round table with chairsAn antique or vintage marble top table can be a beautiful addition to any home, whether it’s a classic Victorian occasional table or an elegant, Art Deco dining table. Knowing how to properly clean and care for that marble top can keep your piece looking amazing for years to come.

Is it Marble?

Before you attempt any cleaning, make sure your new table does, in fact, have a marble top. Look for:

  • Swirls and Veins – Impurities in the limestone cause the characteristic streaky pattern we expect to see in marble.
  • Colors – Genuine marble comes in a variety of colors. However, all will appear to be natural, and color changes will be smoother and have more depth than if they were added mechanically.
  • Surface – Marble can be scratched and worn more easily than similar materials such as granite or synthetic stone. Look for existing wear or test on a hidden spot with a sharp knife.
  • Depth – Real marble has a depth of color and shine that can’t be replicated with fakes. If you can, look at some genuine marble surfaces and compare their look to yours.

Cleaning Antique Marble

Because marble is a type of limestone, it is susceptible to damage by acidic substances, including vinegar, coffee, tea, wine and many foods. You’ll need to choose cleaning products carefully to avoid causing any damage to your new table. Try cleaning the marble by degrees, starting with the least aggressive method and ratcheting up your efforts if you need to.

  • Warm Water – Plain old warm water, especially distilled water, with a soft cloth can really make a difference.
  • Add Dish Soap – If you need a little more cleaning power, add a little gentle dish soap to your warm water, and don’t forget to rinse after with clean water.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide & Flour Paste – Still some stains? Try making a paste of hydrogen peroxide and flour, enough to spread over the whole surface. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for a day or two. Clean as needed with water and dish soap.

Daily Care for Antique Marble

Once your antique marble tabletop is in good shape, keep it that way by regularly wiping it clean with a soft cloth, adding a little sudsy water (with gentle dish soap) every once in a while. Your marble top table will be with you for years to come. Let the staff at Gaslight Antiques find your perfect piece. Visit us today!