Tips of the Trade

Geodes – Plain on the Outside, Magic on the Inside 2121 1414 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Geodes – Plain on the Outside, Magic on the Inside

If you don’t know what you’re looking at, an unopened geode looks pretty much like a plain old rock. Split open, it’s a hollow wonderland of crystals and bands of color. Breaking open a geode is like finding the treasure in a Kinder Egg, minus the chocolate, of course. Appearing…

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Bakelite, The First Modern Plastic 2121 1414 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Bakelite, The First Modern Plastic

Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride is the tongue-twister of a name for the collectible plastic we know more popularly as Bakelite. This multipurpose wonder of the early 20th century is a fixture of antique store display cases. It’s also a joy and curse for collectors who may be stymied by similar materials and common…

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Caring for Antique Tables 1024 1024 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Caring for Antique Tables

  Some antiques come into our homes, find their spots, and remain purely decorative. Others become workhorses: the dining room tables, end tables, coffee tables, and sofa tables. These pieces refuse to be ignored and ask to be used daily. So how should you protect your new-to-you antique tables from…

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Something Old, Something New 853 1080 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Something Old, Something New

Mixing styles and having eclectic tastes can evoke a tasteful blend of styles or veer into clashing disharmony. Knowing how to combine some favorite antique pieces into your modern decor can help you make it work together. Be a Furniture Matchmaker One way to make antique pieces blend in with…

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Glassware 101 2560 1707 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Glassware 101

Most antique malls have heaps of glass. It can range from a few pieces in a display case to enough shelves of glassware to daintily serve a small army. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, your eyes can glaze over and you move right on to the next…

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Avoiding Antiquing Fatigue 700 467 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Avoiding Antiquing Fatigue

You know the scene. Shelves stacked with antique trinkets, dishware, books, anything you can imagine. Sometimes you’re in danger of tripping over an old painting or gas burner — but it sure is a gorgeous gas burner. We’ve all been there. We have all experienced that overwhelming feeling, energy drop,…

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3 Reasons to Visit an Antique Mall 2160 1442 Gaslight Square Shoppes

3 Reasons to Visit an Antique Mall

There are lots of fun reasons to hit up the local antique store.  Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate your new home or office in retro-chic. Or you’ve sworn off technology for a bit and are in the mood for a classic manual typewriter. Sure, you could easily go to a…

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Antiquing 101 – let’s review the basics 1765 1765 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Antiquing 101 – let’s review the basics

For our first Tuesday Tips of the Trade post we are going to get basic. Before antiquing became a verb, savvy antiquers had their own strategies on how to find the best buy.  We’ve provided some pointers for antique shopping which still hold out today.  So if you’re looking to…

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