Antique Decor: Blending the Past with the Present

Antique Decor: Blending the Past with the Present 1255 835 Gaslight Square Shoppes

Antique decor accents on a modern dining table

The beauty of adding antique decor in your home is the character each piece adds to your space along with the story it tells. However, an entire home full of antiques can take on a somewhat dated look. It can be overwhelming to think about updating your home while keeping the unique, authentic vibe that antiques bring to thoughtful design. If you are moving into a new home with modern furnishings, do you have to stow your antiquated treasures away in a secluded room to fit the design of the house? No! You can incorporate antiques from any period into a contemporary space. The key is how you choose to display them.

Tips for Mixing Antique Decor Into a Modern Space

  1. Keep the antiques in a concentrated area. Instead of scattering pieces all over a room, try to place them in a specific spot as a focal point for the space. This placement draws the eyes to your antique decor without making the room seem like a museum display. You can do this with a single wall space, a fireplace mantel, an accent table, a hanging shelf or a desk.
  2. Mix furniture styles. This is surprisingly easy to do with modern furniture. If you have an antique desk, you can use a minimalist chair to balance the heaviness of the desk, while making the space more functional. A contemporary dining table with luxe vintage chairs is a stunning look as well. Blend any table and chair combination to avoid drowning the room in either style.
  3. Group items by color. If you have pieces, both contemporary and antique, that are similar hues, group them together to create a uniform look in the room. Too many contrasting colors in one room strains the eyes. This technique will also help you organize the space itself.
  4. Have fun with lighting. Light fixtures can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of a room. If your dining table is an antique, try a modern sputnik sphere or linear chandelier to brighten the space. For the living and bedroom spaces, a vintage lamp will add a lot of character to your contemporary furniture.
  5. Make sure your antiques appear accessible. This might be a scary thought, but accessible in this sense means outside the very top of display cases. Accessibility not only updates the space, but also avoids the museum vibe in a modern home. You can achieve this by placing an antique rug, hanging pieces on the wall or on a floating shelf, or place them on a desk or a coffee table.

Mixing antiques with modern furnishings is an excellent way to show the facets of your personality while keeping the look of your home fresh. You’ll find a variety of antique decor at Gaslight Antiques. Visit us today!